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Telma Gündemi

Telma Gündemi

"If you use the Telma Retarder to decrease your speed and stop your vehicle, you will reduce the wear on foundation brakes as well as the frequency of maintenance visits."- Quote Mercedes-Benz Minibus.

 For the Daimler Bus brand EvoBus, Mercedes-Benz Minibus and Setra, Busworld 2013 is both a closure and a new start with the the successful completion and implementation of the EURO 6 emission standard.  This conversion is linked to a brand-new generation of engines. Power train auxiliaries allow for optimized fuel consumption and are designed so as to reduce weight and number of components. This means that, for the entire line, the rear drive and engine compartment have been totally redesigned. In addition, numerous tests as well as customer feedback prove that the new generation of coaches solves the contradiction between ecology and economy since it is more fuel efficient, although not heavier, than its predecessors.

At Busworld 2013 Kortrijk, visitors had the opportunity to examine five coaches, including the 'world premiere' Sprinter Travel with numerous breakthrough innovations.

The Telma Retarder, and in particular the Telma AE 30-35 is part of these innovations and contributes to the success of the line. And the Sprinter Travel EURO 6 version is equipped with a Telma Retarder, as factory option or standard.

With a Telma Retarder on board a Euro 6 vehicle, reliability, safety and comfort are guaranteed.

The result: no actuation of the service brake, no noise, no wear. Thus, the Telma Retarder takes over 90% of all braking operations, economically and quietly. To activate the retarder, the driver simply uses the brake pedal, with support from the vehicle electronics and the integrated brake foot control management.

A combination of hand and foot control provides customers with a high level of efficiency, convenience, and safety, without any compromise. Thanks to a reduction of service break wear, there are fewer visits to the workshop and the life expectancy of the service brakes is significantly greater.

Telma Retarders increase the vehicle usage (less down time) and efficiency, ensuring a good return on investment.


Yayınlanma Tarihi 12/11/2013

During the Busworld  2013 show in Kortrijk, Telma  once again confirmed its worldwide leadership in the global market.

Indeed, 33 vehicles were equipped with Telma retarders, especially with the new retarder product range AF and the Euro 6 control system iRCS.

Yayınlanma Tarihi 06/11/2013

In its August/September 2013 issue, "Autocar&Bus infos" magazine publishes a review if the Vectio T Autocar now directly distributed by Otokar Europe. The Vectio T is equipped with a Telma FV61-40 retarder that silently and efficiently ensures a peaceful journey and guarantees safety for all passengers.

By integrating the Telma retarder to its vehicles, Otokar wants to offer its clients the numerous benefits of a Telma retarder, specifically in terms of safety. Additionally, integrating the Telma retarder into these vehicles maximizes the economic advantage since it is included in the total financing amount of the vehicle.

Yayınlanma Tarihi 25/09/2013

In its August/September 2013 issue, "Autocar&Bus infos" magazine publishes a review of the Mercedes Sprinter City 77 minibus, the latest model in the manufacturer's urban line. The City 77 is equipped with the new AF30-35 retarder, reflecting the choice by Mercedes-Benz to offer its clients the numerous benefits of the Telma retarder, specifically in terms of safety.

A built-in Telma retarder is an additional guarantee of peace of mind for the final user and maximizes the economic advantage offered by the Telma retarder since it is included in the total financing amount of the vehicle.

Yayınlanma Tarihi 24/09/2013
On September 18, 1819 the French physicist and astronomer Jean Bernard Léon Foucault was born in Paris.
In 1851, Léon Foucault demonstrate the existence of eddy current within a conductive medium, when it is placed in a varying magnetic field.
Telma pays special attention to the anniversary of Léon Foucault, in recognition of this talented man, whose genius is the origin to the existence of Telma's induction brakes.
Yayınlanma Tarihi 18/09/2013

During the 2013 Caravan Salon in Dusseldorf, Iveco displayed the AE30-35 which is available as factory equipped on the base chassis of Daily and Eurocargo used by motorhomes bodybuilders.

The integration of a Telma retarder by an OEM is an additional guarantee of serenity to the end user and more over optimizes economic benefits provided by the Telma retarder which is now included in the total financing plan of the vehicle.
Yayınlanma Tarihi 12/09/2013

Mercedes-Benz advert the Sprinter availability with Telma retarder (PB2 code) in the "Top News" of its dedicated bodybuilders information web portal.

PB2 code allows to obtain a Sprinter vehicle or chassis equipped with a AE30-35 Telma retarder fitted directly in the plants of Düsseldorf and Ludwigsfelde.

PB2 code is exclusive to Telma.

PB2 code optimizes economic benefits from  the Telma retarder which is now included of the financing plan of the vehicle.

Yayınlanma Tarihi 21/08/2013
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